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Faculty Board

Responsibilities of the Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for the promulgation of faculty statutes, the decision on faculty planning regarding structure and development, the decision on appointment proposals, the decision on post-doctoral degrees, participation in the faculty evaluation and coordination of teaching and research and the election and the dismissal of the dean and its representative or agent.

The Faculty Board supervises the dean regarding the fulfillment of his or her duties. In particular, it discusses the annual report of the dean and decides on his or her exoneration. To carry out this supervisory function , the Faculty Board has an extensive information right relative to the dean.

Extended Faculty Board

In matters regarding decisions on post-doctoral degrees, on the appointment of professors or on the probation of junior professors as a university teacher, the Advanced Faculty Council decides in a non-public session. Besides the elected members of the Faculty Council, the Extended Faculty Board consists of all other professors and junior professors of the faculty, that have completed their probation.

Rules of Procedure

According to § 10 paragraph 10 of the Basic Regulation (Grundordnung), the Senate‘s Rules of Procedure (Geschäftsordnung des Senats) apply mutatis mutandis.

Members of the Faculty Board
  • Group of Professors

    • Prof. Dr. Fabian Bald
    • Prof. Dr. Christina Elschner
    • Prof. Ingo Geishecker, PhD
    • Prof. Dr. Drahomir Klimsa
    • Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch (chairman)
    • Prof. Dr. Simone Maxand
    • Prof. Dr. Felix Weinhardt
    • Prof. Dr. Achim Koberstein (1st rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Katja Brunk (2nd rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Matthias Sohn (3rd rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann (4th rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner (5th rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Almeder (6th rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Sven Husmann (7th rep.)
    • Prof. Dr. Jana Costas (8th rep.)
  • Group of Academic Staff

    • Dominika Niewiadomska (voting member)
    • Michael Schreibweis
    • Yanis Hamdali
    • Marco Kühne
    • Lilo Meier (1st rep.)
    • Paul Vetter (2nd rep.)
  • Group of Staff

    • Kerstin Zirkelbach (voting member)
    • Denise Luther
    • Manuela Rossak (1st rep.)
  • Group of Students

    • Julia Stepanova
Sessions of the Faculty Board
  • Summer semester 2024

    • 24.04.2024
    • 29.05.2024
    • 03.07.2024
  • Winter semester 2024/2025

    • 16.10.2024
    • 27.11.2024
    • 15.01.2025
  • Summer semester 2025

    • 30.04.2025
    • 04.06.2025
    • 02.07.2025

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