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About us

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder started its first lectures in 1993. Currently the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics has 1500 students enrolled. The international focus is an outstanding feature of our faculty. For the one part, about one third of the students are students from abroad, for the other part the faculty of Business Administration and Economics has more than 150 partner universities in 41 countries around the world.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics offers the following study programs

  • International Business Administration (Bachelor),
  • Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Bachelor),
  • Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht (Bachelor),
  • Wirtschaftsprüfung (Bachelor, dual study program),
  • International Business Administration (Master),
  • European Studies (Master) and
  • Digital Entrepreneurship (Master).

Critical questions, the questioning of traditional thinking methods, to break into unaccustomed scientific thinking systems train the intellectual horizon and allow it, to understand things in their broader context and to react more flexible to new challenges. Besides the theoretical economic tools, the studies at Viadrina should also teach an interdisciplinary orientated knowledge that allows thinking in complex context. Therefore the economic studies include besides the language education also cultural- and jurisprudential studies in their program. This is supposed to create opportunities for the students to successfully realize executive functions.

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