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09.06.16 - Successful completion of  Florian Ziel's PhD

The Dean Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch presents Dr. Florian Ziel's PhD certificate and congratulates him and his doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Sven Husmann on their success.
His PhD thesis is about "Electricity Price Modelling and Forecasting Using High-dimensional Time Series Analysis".

Uebergabe_Florian-Ziel ©Frank Rudovsky
Uni-Gebäude Auditorium Maximum mit Fahnen Siftung Europa-Universität Viadrina (Foto Heide Fest, Pressestelle)

09.06.2016 - Workshop  "New Approaches in Environmental Statistics"

The workshop "New Approaches in Environmental Statistics" of Chair in Statistics will take place on June 9th 2016 at Viadrina.

23.-26.03.2017  - 4th Congress of Polish Studies: Borders in Flux

The interdisciplinary research congress will take place from March 23rd till 26th, 2017 in the university buildings in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice. More information is available online.

Blick vom Turm der Marienkirche Richtung Slubice und Oderbrücke (Foto Heide Fest, Pressestelle) ©Heide Fest
am_von_oben ©Heide Fest

28.-30.04.2016 - Conference of the standing field committee for Environmental and Resource Economics

The conference of the standing field committee for Environmental and Resource Economics of Vereins für Socialpolitik will take place from April 28th till 30th 2016 at Viadrina. Further information.

21.04.16 - Successful completion of  
Daniela Blaudow's and Christian Kahlenberg's PhD

The Dean Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch presents Dr. Daniela Blaudow's and Dr. Christian Kahlenberg's PhD certificates and congratulates both and there doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Stephan Kudert on their success.
Dr. Blaudow's PhD thesis is about "Gibraltar, Zypern, Malta: die neuen Holding­standorte?". Dr. Kahlenberg's PhD thesis is about "Hybride Finanzinstrumente und Gesellschaften im Lichte der BEPS‐Reforminitiativen von EU und OECD".

Uebergabe_Daniela-Blaudow_Christian-Kahlenberg ©Frank Rudovsky
Übergabe Agnieszka Kopec ©Frank Rudovsky

08.03.16 - Successful completion of Agnieszka Kopec's PhD

The Dean Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch presents Dr. Agnieszka Kopec's PhD certificate and congratulates her and her doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Stephan Kudert on their success.
Her PhD thesis is about "Steuerliche Gestaltungen durch Nutzung hybrider Rechtsformen und Finanzinstrumente im internationalen, insbesondere im deutsch-polnischen Kontext – eine normative und qualitativ-empirische Analyse".

01.02.16 - Appointment as Professor of Dr. Susanne Enke (née Schmidt)

Dr. Susanne Enke (née Schmidt) has been appointed Professor of International Management at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg. Congratulations! Susanne Enke received her PhD degree in 2012 at the European University Viadrina where she worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Marketing since 2008. Her PhD thesis that dealt with the optimal number of advertising repetition has just recently been published at the Journal of Advertising. After finishing her PhD, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Management at the Technical University Dortmund.

SchmidtSusanne_gg ©Heide Fest

19./20.02.15 - RECAP15 International Conference

Recommendations for COP21 (Paris 2015)

10.06.14 - Online-platform launched

Pol-Int offers interdisciplinary exchange for Polish Studies

01.02.13 - Heisenberg-Stipendium

Yves Breitmoser awards Heisenberg-Stipendium

29.10.12 - Nachwuchswissenschaftlerpreis des Landes Brandenburg 2012

Yves Breitmoser awards the Nachwuchswissenschaftlerpreis des Landes Brandenburg in 2012

15.08.11 - Funds raised from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Norma Schmitt, research assistant at the Chair of Economic and Social Policy, successfully solicited external funding from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research to support a research project within the program “Women at the Top”. This is a collaborative project between the HWR Berlin and the EUV. The part to be performed at the EUV is funded until September 2013 from federal resources and resources from the European social Fund.

08.03.11 - EUV starts new Post Graduate Program "Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships"

On April 1, 2011, the European University Viadrina (EUV) and the German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS) are starting a joint Doctoral Program in Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships sponsored by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.

02.03.11 - Excellence Initiative by the German Government: Big Success for Viadrina University

The European University Viadrina has reached the final round in the excellence initiative competition.

24./25.06.11 - 10th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA)

The 10th ICORIA was held in Berlin, on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June 2011. The ICORIA is an annual conference of the European Advertising Academy (EAA). Every year, over 90 papers on various topics related to advertising and brand communications are presented during the two days of the conference. Chair: Martin Eisend & Tobias Langner. For further information please look here.

24.11.08 - Nachwuchswissenschaftlerpreis des Landes Brandenburg 2008

Yarema Okhrin und Taras Bodnar award the Nachwuchswissenschaftlerpreis des Landes Brandenburg in 2008