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Examination boards

Duties of the examination boards

The examination boards makes sure that the terms of the regulations are complied with. They report the faculty about the development of the exams and the study periods, give new input to reform the regulations and present the distribution of the module grades and the final grades. They decide about the transfer of study and examination credits as well as about the permission for exam registration and generally set the examination dates.

Office hours

  • Uta Schulz (Secretariat, main building, room 223): office hours

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Examination Boards

  • Professors
    • Prof. Dr. Martin Eisend (chairman)
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Almeder
    • Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann
    • Prof. Dr. Sven Husmann (rep.)
  • Academic staff
    • Frank Rudovsky
    • Beatrice Wichmann (rep.)
  • Students
    • Dino Höppner
    • Mathis Schuh (rep.)

Examination Board
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  • Professors
    • Prof. Dr. Kaspar Frey
    • Prof. Dr. Christina Elschner
    • Prof. Dr. Achim Koberstein
    • Prof. Dr. Oliver Knöfel
      (rep. K. Frey)
    • Prof. Dr. Sonja Wüstemann
      (rep. Ch. Elschner, A. Koberstein)
  • Academic staff
    • Inge Elise Uhlig
    • Nils Kosmetschke (rep.)
  • Students
    • Lea Tautz
    • Julian Heinreich (rep.)