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Transition to the new subject-specific regulation (FSO)

Master program IBA

On March 12, 2014 the official informative meeting regarding the new master program IBA took place. During the course of the event the master's program were presented. The differences between the new and the old regulation were depicted and the possibility of transition into the new subject-specific regulation (FSO) was illustrated. The examination board also provides all information relevant for the transition into the new FSO on the following websites (see below).

In accordance with Art 12 of the respective subject-specific regulation (FSO), students who had already been enrolled in the courses of study International Business Administration (Master) prior to the subject-specific regulations coming into effect, may request until March 31, 2015, in writing and irrevocably at the examination office, that the general study and examination regulations for bachelor and consecutive master's degrees (ASPO) at European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) in conjunction with the subject-specific regulation for the courses of study International Business Administration (Master) shall apply to them as defined in the current version of the latter.

Please use the application forms provided for the request of transition into the new regulations.

Application form (DEADLINE EXPIRED)

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