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Passing, failing, retaking examinations

Passing and failing examinations

Examinations which have been passed may not be retaken. An examination is deemed to have been passed if it is graded at least as "sufficient" (4.0) or with a "pass". Written assignments are awarded a "pass" grade if the requirements for the assignment have been satisfied.

A pass fail is counted too, if the student no shows at the examination. A deregistration with a justified reason does not count as pass fail.

Retaking examinations

Examinations that have not been passed or are deemed not to have been passed may be repeated twice within the period of time - with the exception of the degree thesis and the final oral examination. A degree thesis that has not been passed may be repeated once. If a final oral examination is required, it may also be repeated only once if it is not passed the first time. If you have not been passed an examination in a compulsory module the third time the bachelor / master studies are finally not passed.

Students having to take an examination that they must pass in order to be able to continue their studies (last opportunity to repeat an examination) are strongly advised to consult the lecturer responsible for the module or the examiner before taking the examination.

Finally not passed

You did not pass the Bachelor- or Master Exam successfully "finally not passed", then it means, that you have lost your right for Examination permission in all economic studies at all universities in the scope of the directive of the University Framework Act for Higher Education (Hochschulrahmengesetz).

An economic study at another education institution (e.g. university of applied science) is still possible. About your permission will finally only decide the applicable institution.