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For up-to-date information about Coronavirus, please refer to the central information page.
  • Please consider that in case of non-participation at exams due to sickness students are obligated to hand in a medical certificate with the examination board (not the examination office) after the decision not to participate at exams.

Examination periods / schedule

  • First date examinations are usually taking place directly the week a block had finished. The examinations of the second date are usually taking place during the last two weeks of a semester. (winter semester: the last two weeks of March; summer semester: the last two weeks of September)
  • examination schedule winter semester 2022/2023 (06.12.2022)


  • All students who wish to participate at exams will have to register in time! Students without any prior registration will be exempted from exams! No exceptions are made!

Conducting presence examinations in the Corona period

In view of the restrictions on university operations due to the Corona crisis and in order to ensure that the applicable hygiene regulations and distance regulations are observed throughout, special organizational precautions will apply to participation in presence examinations, about which we would like to inform you in the following and for the implementation of which we are also dependent on your cooperation:

  1. The current specifications can be found on the Coronainfo-Website.
  2. Persons who show symptoms of an infection with the Corona virus or who are in domestic quarantine due to an order of the responsible authority are not allowed to enter the Viadrina buildings. In such a case you will not be able to attend the examinations.
  3. In good time before the exam, the responsible professorship will send you further details in preparation for the examination. Please read these information carefully.
  4. It is imperative that you are punctual for the exam. If you arrive late, regardless of whether with or without a valid reason, maybe you will not be able to take the exam.
  5. Students with physical disabilities or from risk groups may apply for special conditions in the conduct of the examination, stating their risk or restrictive situation, by the end of the respective deadline for registration for the examination at the responsible examination board by email to

General Notes

  • Please note: It is your responsibility to arrive punctually to the indicated examination dates.
  • Students can only participate in exams, if they can prove their identity with their official ID card (or passport) in addition to their student ID card. Therefore, please bring your ID / Passport in addition to your student ID card if you take an exam.

  • Expectant and nursing mothers: Students who wish to pass exams within the law on the protection of expectant and nursing mothers, need to make a written declaration to the examination board about their ability and willingness to participate at an exam (next to the usual registration via Hisportal). The inability to participate at an exam can be revoked at any time before the start of the exam. Then, the examination board requires a medical bill about the beginning of the maternity protection law.

  • Guidelines for Dealing with Academic Dishonesty at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

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