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Due to the closure of the University Library and the strain caused by the current crisis situation, the following has been determined with regard to the deadline for the submission of current final theses in the study programs International Business Administration (B.Sc.), Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre (B.Sc.) and International Business Administration (M.Sc.):

Decision of May 18, 2020:
As of now, Corona-related extensions of deadlines for the submission of theses may only be given to the extent of the time between the individual day of the topic assignment and the (subsequent) reopening of the University Library on 18 May 2020.

Determination of March 23, 2020:
The processing times for Bachelor and Master theses that were registered before March 15, 2020 and whose deadline is after March 16 (the day the University library was closed) will be extended by your examination board by up to two months upon request. Talk to your supervisors about an extension of the deadline and use this form for an extension request.

The final thesis is submitted electronically to your supervisors* with a copy to the Examination Office (for Bachelor IBWL and Master IBA: and for Bachelor IBA: Submit the two bound copies of the final thesis to the Examination Office by post as soon as possible.

The Examination Offices are obliged to consider the papers concerned by the above regulation as having been submitted on time, even if they are received without request within the two-month extension. In such cases, your Examination Boards will regard this as a subsequent application for an extension of the deadline.

Please send the two bound copies of your final thesis as soon as possible by post to:

Europa-Universität Viadrina
Dezernat für studentische Angelegenheiten
Große Scharrnstraße 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

For up-to-date information about Coronavirus, please refer to the central information page.

Application for supervision of the thesis
(Step 1)

First (Step 1), you need to hand in the application for supervision of the thesis to the examination board.

The deadline for writing your thesis in the next summer semester is March 15th, for the winter semester September 15th.

Please note that the individual professors can have additional pre-requirements for supervising your thesis. Only if you match these requirements, you may write a thesis at this chair. Please check the individual chairs websites, if your preferred professor(s) have any additional requirements.

With your application you are confirming that you have met all requirements for writing your thesis in the respective semester or will meet them at the point in time in which you apply for the admission of the thesis at the examination office (check Step 2).

Please consider the following NEW procedere!

In order to submit an application for supervision of your Bachelor thesis or Master thesis you need to log in on Moodle by using your university login and go to

or in the following Moodle section:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät -> Antrag auf Betreuung der Abschlussarbeit.

You do not have to send your application to the examination board by post.
Please use a PC or laptop to submit your application. Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) may cause problems when submitting applications.
Further information / manual for the application via moodle

Admission to the thesis
(Step 2)

In step 2 (after receiving the confirmation of supervision, see step 1 above) you apply for admission to the final thesis at the examination office (not at the examination board), usually after consulting the first assessor. After admission, you register with the supervisor of your thesis. The corresponding form will be sent by the examination office.

Application forms for admission to the bachelor thesis

Application forms for admission to the Master thesis

Submission of the thesis

Two bound copies and an electronic version of the thesis shall be submitted to the examination office by the specified deadline.

Extra time in the process of writing a thesis in agreement with the supervisor

According to article 17 (10) ASPO the relevant examination board may at the student’s request, in agreement with the supervisor, extend the preparation period in justified cases where circumstances arise that are beyond the student’s control. The request for an extension must be submitted as soon as such circumstances arise.

Application form for extra time in the process of writing a thesis in agreement with the supervisor

Extra time in the process of writing a thesis in case you get sick

In case you get sick in the process of writing your thesis (Bachelor or Master thesis) and if that sickness notably affects your performance, you have the possibility to apply for extra time to work on the thesis at the relevant examination board. Further information.