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Manual for the application for supervision of the thesis via Moodle

You need to hand in the application for supervision of the thesis to the examination board.

The deadline for submitting your application is March 15th if you intend to write your thesis during the summer term, and September 15th if you intend to write your thesis during the winter term. It is not possible to submit an application after the deadline. Incomplete applications or application with missing information will not be processed!

Please note that the individual professors can have additional pre-requirements for supervising your thesis. Only if you match these requirements, you may write a thesis at this chair. Please check the individual chairs websites, if your preferred professor(s) have any additional requirements.

Application via Moodle

In order to submit an application for supervision of your Bachelor thesis or Master thesis you need to log in on Moodle by using your university login and go to

or in the following Moodle section:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät -> Antrag auf Betreuung der Abschlussarbeit.

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Please notice that all fields indicated with an asterisk „*“ are mandatory. You need to fill in these fields; otherwise your application cannot be submitted. The following fields are mandatory:

  • Matrikelnummer (Field No. 1 – Please enter your matriculation number)
  • Antrag auf Betreuung der (Field No. 2 – Please choose whether you want apply for supervision of either a Master or Bachelor thesis)
  • Studiengang (Field No. 3 – Please select your field of study)
  • im (Field No. 4 – Please indicate whether you intend to write the thesis during the winter semester or summer semester)
  • im (applies to Bachelor thesis only) – Field No. 5 – this field is only active if you intend to write a Bachelor thesis. Please indicate whether you intend to write your thesis during the first or second half of the semester.
  • all priority fields (Fields No. 6 - 15)
  • Achievement overview

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Priority fields (Fields No. 6 – 15) – Please indicate your preferred supervisors, by ranking them according to your preferences (1 = first preference, 2 = second preference, etc.). Please note that all fields are mandatory, that is, you need to indicate all preferences.

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Achievement overview – list of courses and grades from the Hisportal: Please attach a recent summary of achievements (list of courses and grades from the Hisportal). Please notice that applications without achievement overview cannot be processed!

Please notice that you can upload only one pdf-file with a maximum size of 10 MB with your achiewments.

Remark: You can merge more pdf files into one file using online pdf-converters such as

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To submit your application, please click on the following button.

With your application you are confirming that you have met all requirements for writing your thesis in the respective semester or will meet them at the point in time in which you apply for the admission of the thesis at the examination office (check step 2).

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Please don’t forget to print your application and keep it for your files.

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Application status

Your application will be processed after the deadline (March, 15th or September, 15th respectively). You are able to check the status of your application during this process.

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Field A – Status field

Antrag gestellt
Your application has been submitted. You are able to change your application until the application deadline. Thereafter, the changes to the application will be no longer possible.

In Bearbeitung – In Process
The application is currently processed.

Betreuung zugesagt – Application approved
The application has been approved. You will find the name of the supervisor of your thesis in Field B.

Field B – Name of the professor who has approved your application. A supervisor will be shown only if your application has been accepted.

Field C – Submission date of your application

Field D – Date of last modification of your application


Changes to the application form

The application can be edited until the application deadline (until March 15th or September 15th respectively). Please click on the icon in the lower left corner (see image below) to change your application.

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Delete the application

You can delete your application until the application deadline (until March 15th or September 15th respectively). Please click on delete button in the lower left corners (see image below) to delete your application.

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