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Dr. Anke Strauß

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Dr. Anke Strauß

Research Assistant

Phone: +49 (0)335 5534 2426

Fax: +49 (0)335 5534 2519


Hauptgebäude, Room HG 039



Student Office Hours

By appointment. Prior registration by email outlining topic of discussion for meeting necessary.

Academic Appointments

Research assistant
Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB),
Research group: 'Cultural Sources of Newness'
Research assistant, WZB,
Research group: 'Cultural Sources of Newness',
third party funded project 'Artistic Interventions in Organisations: Finding Evidence of Values-Added'
2014 PhD workshop moderator,
third Summer School of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Graduate School,
'Innovation Society Today: the Reflexive Creation of Novelty', Technische Universität Berlin
2010 Research assistant, WZB,
Research group: 'Cultural Sources of Newness',
third party funded project 'A Research Framework for Assessing the Value of Artistic Interventions in Organizations'
Student assistant, 
Chair for the Theory of the Economy and its Social Environment
(Prof. Michael Hutter, Witten/Herdecke University)


PhD in Critical Management, University of Essex UK,
Centre of Work, Organisation and Society,
Thesis: 'Researchers, Models and Dancing Witches: Tracing Dialogue between Art and Business' 
Studies in Economics and Business Administration (major in 'Intercultural Communication') at Witten/Herdecke University
Thesis: 'Artists in Organisations: Artistic Interventions and Cultural Hacking'
2004 Erasmus at Università degli studi di Siena
- facoltà di economia / lettere e filosofia,
Subjects: Modern Art History, International Economics, Marketing
Training as a bank clerk (WestLB Münster)



Strauß, A. (2017). Dialogues between Art and Business: Collaborations, Cooptations and Autonomy in a Knowledge Society. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Refereed Journal Articles

Strauß, A. (in progress). Value-creation Processes in Artistic Interventions and Beyond: Engaging Conflicting Orders of Worth, Journal of Business Research.

Berthoin Antal, A. & Strauß, A. (2014). Not only art’s task - narrating bridges between unusual experiences with art and organisational identity (mit Ariane Berthoin Antal), Scandinavian Journal of Management 30 (1), 114-123.

Antal, A. B., & Strauß, A. (2013). Record, replay, shuffle and switch: How to see more and differently with artists in organizations. International Journal of Professional Management, 8 (5), 17-28.

Edited Volumes

Berthoin Antal, A. & Strauß, A. (2016). Ästhetische Interventionen als Methode organisationspädagogischer Praxis. In Göhlich, M., Schröer, A., Weber, S. M. (Hrsg.), Handbuch der Organisationspädagogik. Berlin: Springer.

Hansen, K. & Strauß, A. (2016). To The Manger! Collaboration in the Age of Access. In E. Raviola & Peter Zachariasson (Hrsg.), Arts and Business Building a Common Ground for Understanding Society. London: Routledge.

Strauß, A. (2016). We have never been neutral: traveling between the lines of art, business and science. In: What kind of environment do you prefer? Das Auswerten, Bewerten und Verwerten künstlerischer Prozesse. Berlin: UdK.

Berthoin Antal, A. & Strauß, A. (2016). Multistakeholder perspectives on searching for evidence of values-added in artistic interventions in organizations. In Johannson, U., Woodilla, J. (eds.), Handbook of Artistic interventions in organizations. London: Routledge.

Strauß, A. (2014). Das Mechanische und das Maschinische: Nachdenken über Wirtschaft. In Landia, M. (ed.), Art & Economy, 1, Berlin: Landia Stiftung, 76-86.

Strauß, A. (2013). Kunst und Wirtschaft - Reflektionen über Beziehungsarbeit. In Kiefer, E. (Hrsg.), Borderline - Von Kunst und Wirtschaft, Essen: Pact, 30-37.

Staruß, A. (2013). On not-knowing. In Meichsner, A., The beauty of serious work. Heidelberg: Kehrer.

Book Review

Strauß, A. (2013). How to conduct a practice-based study. Problems and methods by Silvia Gherardi (2012), Management Learning, 44 (4), 426-8.