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Our research focuses on culture, power and control, identity and the formal and informal organization. Empirical studies range from professional service firms to lower level service work, from creative workers and entrepreneurs to cleaners. The conceptual basis for our studies is informed by an interdisciplinary theoretical lens, drawing on organization theory, sociology, philosophy, social anthropology and psychoanalytic theory. Methodologically, we employ qualitative methods and are particularly interested in ethnography as a way of capturing the complexities and nuances of organizational life.

Current and past research projects include:

  • Changing boundaries: Liminal work arrangements
  • New leadership approaches
  • Co-working: A new form of organization?
  • Secrecy at work: The hidden architecture of organizations
  • Cleaning work: Life in the corporate underworld of Berlin
  • Voluntary work and Non-Profit-Organizations
  • Relations between paid and unpaid work
  • Meaningful work
  • Artistic interventions in organizations
  • Aesthetics of organizing
  • Art and its relation to the economic sphere