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Guest lecture by Mads Pankow

Mads Pankow, editor of "Die EPILOG" Journal and co-organizer of the "Digital Bauhaus Summit" talks about creative work

mads ©Jana Costas

Pankow visited the course "Work, Organization & Change" and gave insights into the life and work in the creative industry. What does it mean to be creative and what does the everyday worklife of a creative worker look like? Creative work, following Pankow, is not only about innovative solutions but also about discovering new problem, building new structures and unconventional methods. Thus, creative networks use facebook as a management-tool, experiment with flat hierarchies or collaborate virtually. Pankows team also experiments with new methods of task-distribution: problems are discussed again and again until they are adressed. Pankow:" At a certain point, people become annoyed by the lack of structure and build structures themselves".

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