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Letter of Reference

When and how do we provide a Letter of Reference (LoR)?

    • We provide a LoR only if it is required. Please provide evidence that the LoR is required (e.g. provide the application form or an official request that shows that a LoR is required).
    • A LoR will be provided only if you have successfully completed a course in Marketing that was offered by our team. Please keep in mind that a LoR should be positive, otherwise it will not be favorable for your application. Therefore, your marketing grades should be good or very good.
    • Please keep in mind that the LoR includes only details about what we know. If we don’t know you personally, the LoR cannot provide an evaluation of your personality.
    • A LoR can be provided in German or English.
    • A LoR will not be forwarded to students but only be sent to the recipient (the institution the student is applying to). Please provide us with an email or postal address to which we can send the LoR.
    • Please hand in all required documents (see below). Writing a LoR takes between two to three weeks or longer under certain circumstances (e.g. absence due to conference or research visits). Please take this timeframe into account when you plan your application.

Which documents should you provide?

  1. Resume
  2. Transcript of records
  3. Evidence that a LoR is required (e.g. application form or an official request that shows that a LoR must be provided)
  4. A word document with the recipient's address and one paragraph (max. 5 sentences) about your motivation to apply for the scholarship/study program (in the language of the LoR).

Please send all documents in one email.