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Professor of Marketing (II)

  Prof. Dr. Katja H. Brunk - Welcome!



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Brunk, K.H. and DeBoer, C. (2020). How do Consumers Reconcile Positive and Negative CSR-Related Information to Form an Ethical Brand Perception? A Mixed Method Inquiry. Journal of Business Ethics, 161(2), 443-458.
Hartmann, B.J. and Brunk, K.H. (2019). Nostalgia Marketing and (Re)enchantment. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36(4), 669-686.

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Sommer Term 2022

  • "ViaFuture" Seminar in Marketing (Bachelor), I+II. Block (Syllabus)
  • Seminar: Consumer Research (Master), I+II. Block (Syllabus)
  • "How to write a Final Thesis at the Chair of Marketing (II)" (Bachelor/Master), I+II. Block

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