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Bachelor and Master Thesis

Here you find some first information regarding writing a thesis at the Chair of Supply Chain Management. Detailed information and mandatory guidelines can be found here.


You want to write your bachelor or master thesis at our chair?

The prerequisite (beside the formal ones given by the study and examination regulations) are the successful completion of at least two advanced bachelor or three master modules in the area of Information & Operations Management. At least one of these courses must be completed at the Chair of Supply Chain Management. In addition, it is necessary for bachelor students to have successfully completed the courses “Production & Logistics” and “Business Informatics” (Wirtschaftsinformatik). It is also a lot easier for you, if you have passed a seminar in the area.


What are possible topics of my thesis?

In the first introductory meeting we will provide a list of possible topics for the current semester. You can tell us your preferences. When assigning you a topic we are considering your completed courses, your previous knowledge and experience in that topic, and your preference. Doing so, we try to maximize your success rate.

You may also suggest a topic on your own also in cooperation with a company. It is important that this topic (i) provides a sufficient theoretical level for a bachelor or master thesis, and (ii) that the topic is within the teaching and/or research area of the Chair of Supply Chain Management. Supply chain management is a wide area touching many other research fields, which we cannot cover all. So sometimes we must refuse a supply chain management topic because we cannot guarantee a successful supervision.

Here you can find a list of topics from previous semesters.


What do I have to do?

You have to apply for supervision at the faculty. Optionally, you can contact us beforehand if you have questions. If you want to do a thesis with a company or choose your own topic, please contact us before you apply for supervision.

If you are accepted for writing a thesis at our chair, you will receive an email and an invitation for a first mandatory meeting.


How is the time schedule?

Winter term Summer term
Introductory meeting Mid of October Mid of April
Assignment of topics 1 week later
Presentation of concept Mid of November Mid of May
Presentation of current standing December/January June/July
Submission Bachelor January/February July/August
Submission Master March September
Colloquium (only Master) 2-6 weeks after submission