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Courses offered in English

Information for our courses held in Geman can be found here.

Courses offered by the Chair of Finance and Taxation:

Winter Term
Summer Term 2017
Winter Term 2017/2018
Summer Term 2018
1st block
2nd block
Bachelor-Grundlagen (1st-3rd semester)
Unternehmensbesteuerung        X             X
Business Taxation        X             X
Bachelor-Schwerpunkt (4th-6th semester)
Tax Accounting (Prof. Dr. Inga Hardeck)        X        X
Seminar in Unternehmensbesteuerung       RS        X
Taxation in Europe (Seminar)                   X             X
DATEV-Anwendungen        X       (X)
T-Modul: Besteuerung von Mergers & Acquisitions       RS            X
R-Modul: Besteuerung von Mergers & Acquisitions                   X            X      
T-Modul: International Business Taxation        X
R-Modul: International Business Taxation        X
Financial Statement Analysis        X       (X)
RS: research semester, no class