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Information about the awarding of the Diploma

Dear Alumni,

Congratulations to your successfully finish of your degree. Your degree will be documented with a certificate and a diploma (grade report), which will be ready for you to pick up at the front desk of the deans office at the faculty for Business Administration and Economics.

NOTE: As soon as the certificate with the diploma has arrived at the deans office, we will notice you by sending you an email through the official email account which had been set up upon enrollment and can be accessed on this Web page. (Hint: Username and password correspond to the login of the Hisportal.)


In order to prepare your graduation certificate, the examination office needs you to hand in all requirements (examination results, language certificates, internships etc.) according to your study regulation. Please, ensure that all your documents are complete (requires a filled-in form).

Pick Up / Sending via Mail

The pick up is during the regular office hours of the front desk (see to the right).

In case you are not able to pick up your certificate in person, you can issue an authorization for somebody, to receive your original certificate at the front desk of the deans office. (A copy of the authorization can be found here.)

In case you do not have someone to pick up your certificate, you have to notice us with a written form and send the deans office of the faculty for Business Administration and Economics a stamped envelop with your address, so that we can send you your diploma certificate. Please stamp your envelop as "Maxibrief".

Commencement Ceremony

Once a year, in November, a commencement ceremony takes place to present the diploma certificates to the alumni of the faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Next commencement ceremony takes place on November 21, 2015, 11 a.m. For this occasion the alumni from last year will be invited by the deanship at the beginning of September.

Your family and friends are invited to accompany you at this ceremony. You receive further information about the ceremony in your invitation.

Even if you have already picked up your certificate at the faculty, it can be presented to you at the award ceremony by the Dean and the University President. It requires that you again turn in your certificate with your diploma at least one week before the ceremony at the front desk of the deans office. In case you are not able to turn in your certificate with the diploma, please let us know in advance. In special cases and after clarification in advance, you are able to hand over your certificate in the morning of the day the award ceremony takes place.

University prom „Gaudeamus Igitur“

At the same day of the award ceremony the University prom „Gaudeamus Igitur“ takes place at the Kleist Forum Frankfurt (Oder).

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