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Advisory service


  • Many questions are already answered by our FAQs. If you still have any questions, please always contact your academic advisory service.

  • For all information concerning questions about your studies as well as questions about your study and examination regulation please contact always your academic advisory service first and not the Examination Board or the lecturers. The academic advisory service will be glad to answer your questions. If it is necessary, the academic advisory service will consult with the eamination board, the dean or the lecturers and inform you afterwards.

  • The academic advisors are your central contact persons and mentors!


  • As of now communication by email between the faculty and the students of the European University Viadrina is effected solely through the official email account which had been set up upon enrollment.

  • Please read your regulations (ASPO, SSO).

  • The approval of study credits is applicable for all study programs of the faculty of Business Administration and Economics exceptionally by the examination board.

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