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International Business Administration [old SPO]

ATTENTION: If you start your studies in the summer semester 2014, the provisions of Fachspezifischen Ordnungen (FSO) apply for you in conjunction with the Allgemeinen Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (ASPO). Further information ...

The Master of Science is a rather research-oriented Master program. It provides students with the necessary knowledge for both – a future in the world of Business or the world of Research. Aside from being instructed in advanced business administration and international economics, you will get trained in both thinking and acting globally and get equipped with interdisciplinary and intercultural competences. Therefore the Master Program does not only prepare you with skills for the job market but also in the field of post-research activities.

The Program International Business Administration (M.Sc.) is structured in modules and you can choose your studies in four program alternatives. Depending on your personal academic interests, you can not only choose a field of specialization (“track”), but also choose interdisciplinary support classes in Cultural Sciences and Law. The tracks offered are: FACT, FINE, IOM and M & M.

Please, check our course schedule.

The Master Exam consists of module examinations, which are passed as successive exams as part of your track in each module and by writing and defending of a master thesis. The choices of modules are specified in the module catalog. If there are several options, the student can decide his/her allocation. A double allocation is impossible. Further credit for courses that are not mentioned in the catalog or credits for other modules than specified is not possible!

Please also read these important notes!

Module catalog

Marketing & Management (M & M)

Finance, Accounting, Controlling & Taxation (FACT)

Finance & International Economics (FINE)

Information & Operations Management (IOM)

Economics Module (E-Module)

General Management Module (G-Module)

Support Module (S-Module)




Total overview

Module catalog (print version)

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