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Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht (Bachelor)

Study option "Wirtschaft und Recht"

The degree program "Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht" (Law and Economics | Economics and Law) can be studied in two study options. "Recht und Wirtschaft" (Law and Economics) focuses on legal aspects, "Wirtschaft und Recht" (Economics and Law) focuses on economic aspects.

The study option "Wirtschaft und Recht" covers modules from the fundamentals of business administration, economics and law, as well as a language module and softskills. With regards to contents, the course of study is divided into the basic education in business administration, economics and law, the specialization, extracurricular and interdisciplinary qualifications and the bachelor thesis. The standard period of study is six semesters. The scope of study is 180 ECTS credits (hereinafter: credits).

During the first three semesters, answering the purpose of orientation, students should complete seven modules of the basic modules of business administration and economics as well as all modules of the basic studies in law. Moreover they should provide evidence in the module English (CEFR level B2). The second phase of study (4th-6th semesters), students complete the basic studies in business administration and economics and develop thier profile. During the specialization process the students broaden and increase their level of expertise; they gain further knowledge with interdisciplinary qualifications. The nonbinding schedule of the course of study gives an idea of a sensible draft of the studies. (see appendix of study-specfic regulations)

In the second phase of studies, one semester can be completed at a foreign university (study abroad).

The module catalog (see viaCampus) depicts each module with description and its accreditation. Multiple accreditation of the same module is not possible. Other accreditations not depicted in the module catalog are also not possible! In principle, only one successfully completed course can be brought into each module.
Currently, the module catalog is being migrated from the websites to viaCampus. Information may still be missing in viaCampus, but will be added in the short term. (Link to former module catalog (SSO 2020))

The offered courses will be published every semester in the course schedule in viaCampus.

The modules of the basic studies in business administration and economics (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Grundlagenausbildung) serve the purpose of orientation and teach the fundamentals for the continuing studies. Therefore we recommend completing 7of the 12modules within the first three semesters. Please note that modules will only be offered every other semester. Basic studies in business administration and economics (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Grundlagenausbildung) includes the following 12 compulsory modules, each of which is worth 6 credits:

  • Externes Rechnungswesen
  • Finanzierung & Investition
  • Internationales Management
  • Internes Rechnungswesen
  • Makroökonomie
  • Marketing
  • Mathematik
  • Mikroökonomie
  • Produktion & Logistik
  • Statistik
  • Unternehmensbesteuerung
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik

The modules of the basic studies in law (Juristische Grundlagenausbildung) serve the purpose of orientation and teach the fundamentals for the continuing studies. Therefore we recommend completing these modules within the first three semesters. Please note that modules will only be offered every other semester. Basic studies in law (Juristische Grundlagenausbildung) includes the following four compulsory modules:

  • Grundlagen des Zivilrechts I with 12 credits
  • Grundlagen des Zivilrechts II with 9 credits
  • Einführung in das Öffentliche Recht with 3 credits
  • Wirtschaftsrecht - Vertiefung with 9 credits

In the course of the specialization (Schwerpunktbildung), three elective module groups will be available. The student has to choose one out of those thrree elective module groups. In the selected elective module group, 24 credits in business administration and economics and 12 credits in law must be successfully completed. We recommend that the students attend a seminar.

Module groups

  • Management and Law
  • Finance, Accounting, Taxation and Law
  • Economics and Law

Extracurricular and interdisciplinary qualifications (Außerfachliche und überfachliche Qualifikationen) include the language education as well as further soft skills and internships.

Proof of the module English (CEFR level B2) should be completed until the end of the 3rd semester. Proof of this is provided by language certificates in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, at least level B2 of the Council of Europe, and certificates issued by a German university are recognised in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Exceptions are decided by the examination board. Recognition requires that the original language certificate is submitted. The preparation of a thesis in a foreign language, e.g. English, cannot be recognized as evidence in this module, since the examiners do not check the student's own performance in a foreign language during the preparation of the thesis. The Viadrina Language Center offers numerous language courses and the corresponding exams.

In particular, in the module "further soft skills" (Weitere Softskills) the students should be taught social skills such as communication skills, ability to cooperate, sense of responsibility and consciousness, reliability. In addition, however, personal skills such as concentration, the ability to learn, independent learning, endurance and accuracy are also to be trained here. The Career Center, the Center for Teaching and Learning (Zentrum für Lehre und Lernen) as well as other institutions of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) offers numerous trainings, seminars and lectures for students every semester. Please select the required number of events from the list to prove the necessary credits in this module. Offers and further information can be found in the Viadrina Compass.

nternships outside the university serve to introduce the students to the problems and areas of responsibility of their future professional field. The internship must be related to the content of the economic studies. The main focus of the activity must correspond to the (strived for) economic education and related occupational fields. For further information, please refer to the guideline for the implementation and recognition of student internships in the degree programmes of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). The Career Center of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) is the central contact point for all questions concerning internships. It supports students in their search for an internship, organising an internship abroad and answering questions about internship contracts.

  • English (CEFR level B2) with 12 Credits

In their bachelor thesis, students demonstrate that they are capable of independently applying scientific methods and writing texts that meet scientific requirements in their field of study.

A prerequisite for admission to the bachelor thesis is that students have successfully completed creditable study and examination achievements in the amount of, as a rule, at least 75 percent of the credits required for the successful completion of the programme as a whole, less credit points for the bachelor thesis. This corresponds to 126 credits.

Please note that the individual chairs may also have additional requirements for a supervision agreement. Only if you meet these requirements can you be looked after at these chairs. Please check the website of the individual chairs in good time.

Would you like to explore legal and economic aspects in your bachelor thesis? Both faculties welcome interdisciplinary bachelor theses.

Students who wish to write a thesis at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics must apply for supervision centrally and in due time!

Further notes:

During the second period of their studies, one semester can be completed at a foreign university.

Please note that the successful completion of all modules from the basic studies is generally required before studying abroad.

The accreditation of study and examination performances, effected at the university abroad, comply with Art 12 general study and examination regulations (ASPO). The department of international affairs is the contact for the accreditation of foreign study and examination performances at the faculty of economic and business science. Accreditation of study and examination performances immediately with the respective professors is not possible without exceptions! Concerning this matter please pay attention to the entry requirements for applications for the thesis as defined by the chairs.

European University Viadrina cooperates with numerous universities abroad. You may gladly apply for a university place within the framework of our exchange programs.

Further notes: