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International Business Administration

Support modules (S-Modules)

Which modules have to be completed successfully during the course of studies depends on the chosen study option. Further information ...

Support-Modules serve the interdisciplinary education (außerfachliche/ überfachliche Qualifikation) and must not be track-modules from the offered tracks FACT, FINE, IOM or M&M. Support-Modules may discuss among other subjects Europe’s future as an economic region and the further development of its institutions.

Aside from the mentioned course offered by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, all courses of the Faculty of Cultural Science, Faculty of Law and the European New School of Digital Studies (ENS) will be accredited, as long as they are successfully completed with a graded proof of performances and are assigned ECTS-Credits. The courses must not be part of the bachelor program of the mentioned faculties. Introductory courses to German law are not applicable either. Performances in the module "Praxisrelevante Fähigkeiten" (skills relevant for practice) of the Faculty of Cultural Science and/or internships cannot be accredited. The following modules can be accredited among others.

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade:
ECTS-Credits for module* 1/120