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International Business Administration

Information & Operations Management (IOM)

The websites have been revised. To the new website for the study program International Business Administration (Master).

Our mission is to provide first-class education in business and IT focusing on Information & Operations Management. Both theory and practice are combined in the program, taking into account that both parts are needed as a sound foundation for a successful business career. We are teaching concepts, methods, and computer-based tools and systems (like SAP R/3) including hands-on practice. In this way our graduates are well prepared for the challenges they will be facing in their professional careers. Career goals for IOM graduates are CIO (chief infor­mation officer) or COO (chief operations officer) – and, who knows, why not CEO? Well-known CEOs have followed this path. On the way up the ladder, typical positions IOM graduates can expect to fill are project or program manager, logistics manager, systems analyst, IT application specialist, or consultant in key areas like ERP (enterprise resource planning) and SCM (supply chain management).

Which modules have to be completed successfully during the course of studies depends on the chosen study option. Further information ...

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade:
ECTS-Credits for module* 1/120