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International Business Administration

International orientation

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Accommodating the international orientation, students are obliged to complete one term at a foreign university (study abroad), lasting at least three months, generally during the second or third semester of their studies.

The accreditation of the study abroad is only effected if the student obtains at least 12 credits and provides evidence thereof. Study abroad as defined by the subject-specific regulations (SSO) is the attendance of an accredited foreign university holding the right to award doctorates. As a matter of principle, all performances to be accredited must not be completed in the student’s mother tongue.

The accreditation of study and examination performances, effected at the university abroad, comply with Art 12 general study and examination regulations (ASPO). The department of international affairs is the contact for the accreditation of foreign study and examination performances at the faculty of economic and business science. Accreditation of study and examination performances immediately with the respective professors is not possible without exceptions! Concerning this matter please pay attention to the entry requirements for applications for the thesis as defined by the chairs.

Upon request, for justified exceptions the responsible examination board is permitted to exempt students from studying abroad. Students who do not complete studies abroad, must successfully take generally at least 42 credits in the course of their studies, whose language of instruction must not be German. (See Art 6 (11) subject-specific regulations)
In addition to courses whose language of instruction is not German, credits for the Master's thesis with concluding colloquium, if it has been successfully completed and defended in an other language than German, will also be taken into account for the 42 credits required according to Art 6 (11) of the subject-specific regulations.

European University Viadrina cooperates with numerous universities abroad. You may gladly apply for a university place within the framework of our exchange program.