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International Business Administration

Finance & International Economics (FINE)

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Because of the European integration and due to the process of globalization, interdependencies between national economies starkly increased, especially between the EU member states. These interdependencies and the connected coordination issues build the core of the FINE-track. Overcoming these inhibitions is vital for the success of national economies as well as multinational companies and organizations. The major FINE generates a holistic understanding of the common market and the international trade, the international financial markets as well as an understanding of the European and international economy politics - especially monetary policy. Special emphasis will be put on the question of the European integration, the European and international environment and energy politics, the international taxation competition and the competition of social systems and their coordination within the EU. The aim of the FINE major is to provide the student with competences of a state-of-the-art education on an elevated level necessary for managing multinational companies and organizations. It will enable the students to recognize, make use of and control future and current risks and opportunities. Graduates of the FINE major qualify for positions in multinational companies, international establishments and organizations as well as internationally active consulting firms. Furthermore, after graduating from the FINE major the contribution to research organizations or an academic career may follow.

Which modules have to be completed successfully during the course of studies depends on the chosen study option. Further information ...

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade:
ECTS-Credits for module* 1/120