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International Business Administration

The websites have been revised. To the new website for the study program International Business Administration (Bachelor).

The course of study covers modules from the fundamentals of economics and business administration, as well as modules from interdisciplinary faculties, i.e. cultural sciences and/or law; and modules of key qualifications. With regards to contents, the course of study is divided into the basic education in economic and business sciences, the specialization, interdisciplinary qualifications and the bachelor thesis. The standard period of study is six semesters.

During the first three semesters, answering the purpose of orientation, the student should complete the basic modules of economic and business sciences. Moreover they should provide evidence of the module foreign language module (CEFR level A2). The second phase of study (4th-6th semesters) serves the purpose of profiling. During the specialization process the students broaden and increase their level of expertise; they gain further knowledge with interdisciplinary qualifications. The nonbinding schedule of the course of study gives an idea of a sensible draft of the studies. (See appendix of subject-specific regulation)

In accordance with the international focus of the course of study, the student has to complete a semester abroad lasting at least three months at a foreign university during the second phase of their studies (study abroad). Further information ...

The offered modules will be published every semester in the course schedule. The module catalog depicts each module and its accreditation. Multiple accreditation of the same module is not possible. Other accreditations not depicted in the module catalog are also not possible!


Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Grundlagenausbildung


Außerfachliche und überfachliche Qualifikationen



Overview of all modules

Module catalog (print version)