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Winter Term 2022/23

All our courses comprise different performance components (e.g., seminar paper, essay, presentations or other elements) and are held across 1st & 2nd block. Only the course "Strategisches Management & Organisation (3913)" is taught during the 1st block and will end with an exam. Please check ViaCampus for our course dates and times (including introductory sessions). 

Participation in the introductory session is mandatory to apply for our seminars. The self-enrollment into the Moodle course does not mean you are accepted to particpate in the course/seminar.

Download our course overview, including dates and deadlines here.


  • Scientific Work: An Introduction (English) - 6105 I 1+2. Block
  • Seminar: Einführung in die Unternehmensgründung / Businessplan (Deutsch) - 6025 I 1+2. Block
  • Seminar: Current Issues in Management and Entrepreneurship Research (English) - 3078 I 1+2. Block               Topic:  Creativity & Knowledge
  • Strategisches Management & Organisation (German) - 3913 I 1.Block                  (Moodle enrollment key will be communicated during the first on-campus lecture on October 20)


  • Corporate Campus Challenge (English) - tba  I 1+2. Block
  • Business Model Development: Idee, Konzept, Value Proposition, Markt (German) - 6795 I 1+2. Bloc
  • Entrepreneurship: Tilling the Field (English) - 6843 I 1+2. Block (12 ECTS)
  • Planspiel zur Unternehmensführung (German) - 6631 I 1+2. Block
  • New Perspectives in Management and Entrepreneurship Theory (English) - 6616 I 1+2. Block                               Topic:  Creativity & Knowledge                                                                           
  • Scientific Work: An Advanced Perspective (English) - 6856 I 1+2. Block