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Can I choose the language of the thesis?

  • Yes, you may write your thesis in either German or English.

Will you assign the topic of the thesis? Is there an option to choose my own topic?

  • Generally, your thesis’ topic will be assigned based on a current research problem. However, there is the option to propose your own topic. Please see also: Requirements for Proposing Own Topics

If I chose my own topic, can I write about the topic of XY?

  • Yes, you may propose your own topic, if it relates to a current research problem with available up-to-date and high-quality academic literature. Furthermore, please see: Requirements for Proposing Own Topics

Is it also possible to conduct an empirical study for my thesis?

  • Yes, but successful participation in both the landscape seminar and a successful attendance of our course ‘Qualitative Research Methods’ is required. Please note that we only supervise qualitative empirical theses in the context of current empirical research projects of the chair (further information will be provided during the landscape seminars on a regular basis).

Can I write my thesis together with a company?

  • Generally, the process of data collection and data analysis has proven to be very complex for the purpose of a final thesis. However, empirical-based theses are possible in the context of current research projects of the chair (see before). 

Who will supervise my thesis?

  • One member of the chair will be assigned by the professor in order to supervise your thesis and support you during this process.

When can I start to write my thesis?

  • There is a unified starting date for Bachelor’s and Master's theses, which starts with our colloquium. You will need the time from the supervision acceptance to the colloquium to work out your topic more precisely and to prepare a proposal presentation for the colloquium. Please see also: Dates and Deadlines.

How should I quote if there are no rules in the guidelines for a particular case?

  • Not every case is covered by our guidelines. In case you do not know how to cite something, please refer to the APA guidelines. The most important thing is that you use a consistent citation style throughout the thesis. 

Do I have to cite using footnotes? 

  • Yes, papers written at our chair must cite using footnotes. Among other things, this leads to an improved appearance and reading flow.

How do I submit my thesis? 

  • Submit your thesis to the examination office in accordance with the guidelines of your study and examination regulations. For further information you must refer to the examination office.