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BA and MA Theses

Bachelor Theses

We offer starting dates per semester that allow you to complete your thesis within the current semester. An overview is found below. The registration of your thesis has to successfully go through the central application process of the faculty first: In the spring term you have to apply until March 15th, in the fall term you have to apply until September 15th (see also „Application“).

The following dates are applicable for Bachelor theses


Spring term

Fall term

Central application

March 15th

September 15th


1st block

2nd block

1st block

2nd block

Determination of topic

Beginning of April

Beginning of June

Mid of October

Mid of December

Colloquium/Registration of thesis

Mid of May

Mid of July

Beginning of December

Beginning of February


End of July

End of September

End of January

End of March

You have 10 weeks to complete and submit your Bachelor thesis (starting after you registered).


Master and Diploma Theses

The following dates are applicable for Master and Diploma theses


Spring term

Fall term

Central application

March 15th

September 15th

Determination of topic

Beginning of April

Beginning of October

Colloquium/Registration of thesis

Mid of May

Mid of November


Beginning of September

End o March

You have 16 weeks to complete and submit you Master and Diploma thesis (starting after you registered).



The application process for Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses is centrally managed by the EUV Faculty for Business and Economics. Please use one of the following forms:

As soon as you are accepted by the Chair of Human Resource Management, you are appointed a supervisor (if not appointed yet). Your topic is determined with your supervisor.


Selection Process

If you want to write your final thesis at our chair, we want you to be familiar with our topics and areas of research. If there is excess demand for final theses at our chair, we select students in accordance with two criteria: (1) Courses already completed at our chair (not those that were completed elsewhere i.e. exchange semester), (2) final grades in our courses.

At the bachelor’s level these are: “Internationales Personalmanagement“,  “Leadership, Change & Culture“ as well as the Bachelor’s research seminar; at the Master’s level these are: “Work, organizations & change“, “Culture, leadership & diversity“, “Business, ethics & responsibility“, “Qualitative Forschungsmethoden“ and “Current topics of research in HRM and Organization studies“. The grades you were awarded for these classes are taken into account. Seminar grades are double counted. If an applicant is in his or her final semester (6th semester at Bachelor’s level; 4th semester at Master’s level) the application is not considered due to too few points. In this case he or she will receive 5 bonus points for a future application.

























If your application to write your thesis at our chair has been accepted, we expect you to allocate your resources accordingly. Your thesis should be your highest priority. Should you choose to cancel your thesis and the supervision provided by our chair for reasons of prioritizing other activities (such as founding your own business or student employment), we reserve the right to reject subsequent application for supervision with our chair. 

Range of topics for theses

  • New form of work and organization
  • Leadership and organizational culture
  • Organizational culture and control
  • Diversity and organization
  • Technology, work and management
  • Corporate social responsibility and business ethics
  • Secrecy and transparency
  • Organization and violence
  • Stigma and work
  • Space and organization
  • The body and organization

The theses are evaluated with a focus on academic quality criteria, such as systematic work with academic literature, development of a well structured argument etc., rather than on the basis of application-oriented criteria. For BA-theses, we suggest literature-based works, because of constraints of time and workcount. For MA-theses, we encourage students to research empirically with qualitative methods of management and organization research.

If you have your own ideas, please contact one of the Chair’s members early on. To be able to supervise topics adequately, your project needs to lie in the realm of our research interests.

Theses may be written in German or English.


For all students that wish to write their Bachelor or Master thesis at our chair, the participation in the colloquium is compulsive.


Submit two bounded copies of your thesis  to the examination office by the given deadline. Please add a final page to your thesis that contains an affidavit (Hyperlink: affidavit). In addition, submit a digital version (CD/DVD/USB) of your thesis (.doc(x), .pdf).


Please use the following style guide (Hyperlink: Styleguide BA and MA Theses)