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Winter Term 2019/2020 

Strategic Marketing (3273): Module description (Bachelor)

Seminar: Marketingstrategie für Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen (R-Modul) (NEU): Announcement (Master)

Consumer Behavior (6670): Announcement (Master)


Summer Term 2019 

Gender, Diversity and Culture in Brand Management (6085): Module description (Bachelor)

Seminar: Gender and Diversity in Social Advertising Media (6084): Module description (Bachelor)

Quantitative Methods (R-Module) (3272): Announcement (Master)

Seminar: Viadrina at the Crossroad – A Sustainability Check: Management and Marketing Approaches towards more Sustainability in Higher Education (6819.): Announcement (Master)

Seminar: Gender and Diversity in (Online) Communication (6814): Module description (Master)



Course Evaluation from previous semesters

Seminar and Final Theses