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Chair of General Business Administration, especially International Management


„Innovating in Incumbent Firms“

Stanske, Sarah; Söllner, Albrecht; Vodosek Markus(2018), Innovating in Incumbent Firms: On Organizational Identities in the Age of Discontinuity, accepted for the 2018 SMS Annual Conference, Paris 2018

„Conceptualizing Institutional Enforcement Capability“

Söllner, Albrecht, Weikum, Lena, Wiafe, Lukas(2018), Conceptualizing Institutional Enforcement Capability: The Enforcement Embeddedness Index (EEI), accepted for the 2018 WINIR Annual Conference, Hong Kong 2018


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Health preservation interventions
Until further notice, the staff of the chair can only be contacted by e-mail.

The secretary's office can be called by phone.

Research free semester
In the summer semester 2020, Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner will be in his research leave semester. Nevertheless, the Innovation Management course of the Bachelor profiling phase will be offered by employees of the chair. The offer of thesis supervision is very limited and only to a limited extent by the chair team.

Application procedure
Information on the application procedure for seminars and lectures can be found on Moodle under the course title "LS Internationales Management (Bewerbungsverfahren)".
The possibility to apply for the list of successors is available!

Final Thesis

The supervision of the thesis must be applied for centrally via this form to the examination board. Please note the new deadlines (15 March and 15 September)! You can find further information here.