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Awards: Dr. Wadim Djatschenko

Djatschenko_SWFA_Award_2019_01 ©Wadim Djatschenko; Best Paper Award 2019

SWFA Best Doctoral Student Paper in Investments 2019

presented to Wadim Djatschenko
by the Southwestern Finance Association
for his paper The Nitty Gritty of Bond Valuation: A Generalized Methodology for Fixed Coupon Bond Analysis
at the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Federation of Business Disciplines
(March 13 - March 16, 2019, Houston, Texas).



Wadim Djatschenko Best Teaching Award 2018 ©Heide Fest

Best Teaching Award for the Summer Semester 2018

presented to Wadim Djatschenko
by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
of the European University Viadrina
at the Graduation Day 2018
(November 17, 2018, Frankfurt (Oder)).