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Research focuses:

  •         Applied Microeconomics
  •          Applied Econometrics
  •          International Economics
  •          Labour Economics

Working papers

"Do exporters learn from one-off exporting?", with Philipp J.H. Schröder and Allan Sørensen

Publications (full version for download)

"One-off Export Events'', Canadian Journal of Economics, 52(1), 2019, pp. 93-131, with P.J.H. Schröder and A. Sørensen,\\

 “Chinese competition: intra-industry and intra-firm adaptation'', Review of World Economics, 155(2), pp. 327–352, with B. Gampfer,\\

Fixed effects ordered logit estimator

This STATA ado-file (fcf) fits a Ferrer-i-Carbonell and Frijters (2004) based estimation model for ordinally scaled dependent variables using conditional logit. STATA Version 10 or higher is recommended. For a detailed description and available options please see the help file attached.

Asymptotic properties of the estimator are discussed in "Keep it simple: estimation strategies for ordered response models with fixed effects", with Maximilian Riedl

FCF ado-file (updated 05.10.2011)