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Teaching in Summer Semester 2024

Bachelor: Banking and Finance

International Finance and Trade

Other lecture offers

Space in Motion - Arbeiten in der Gruppe (Apply via email to or until April 12, 2024)

Wir ham ja nix gehabt und datt bisken hamma noch geteilt - Creativity and Entrepreneurship (Apply via email to until April 12, 2024)

Central banking in 2024 - What’s on the agenda? (Apply via email to until April 21st, 2024)


Angewandte Optimierung in ökonomischen Problemen

Case Studies related to the Law and Economics of European Competition Policy  (Apply via email to until14th April, 2024)

E-Sports: Economics & Management (Apply via email to until April 19, 2024)



Teaching in the WS 2023/2024

IBA Bachelor 


IBWL Bachelor


Bachelor Specialization

Banking, Risk Management and Regulation

Advanced Topics - Empirical Exercises in International Economics 


The Law and Economics of European Competition Policy 

Courses of previous semesters (Link to additional materials)

International Monetary Economics (IME)

Intro Macroeconomics (Mankiw)