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The longer you think about Kelso, the more interesting his ideas become. What other book author has managed to be on the NOT_WANTED_LIST with both the Americans and the Russians. With the Americans he was considered a communist, with the Russians a capitalist. What more do you want?

All in all very nice evening, thanks to colleague Lowitzsch for the hospitality.


Three start-ups were on site:


Antonia Zock from Aivitex: AIVITEX is the all-in-one solution for better customer support. Their video-based tool combines multiple features to help you remotely support customers from diagnosis to successful resolution.

What is it about? For example, insurance claim. Insurance staff would need to drive out, look at the damage, and then hire tradespeople. But this initial damage assessment can just as easily be done via video to see if a home visit is necessary, or what preparations need to be made for the visit. Customers are housing cooperatives, insurance companies, student unions, etc. Anyone in DACH who has good contacts can contact Antonia.


Thomas Jürgeleit & colleagues have developed a mini camera that can be powered by battery for a very long time. Athletes can be equipped with this camera to generate video footage from the athlete's perspective. Streaming is possible. Yesterday, an application took place at ViaRunning. Customers are companies that record sporting events. An add-on to traditional camera work! Customers: Worldwide.


Salih Paksoy, Rosemann Textilien GmbH Berlin sells textiles under his own labels via AMAZON. These are especially socks and basic t-shirts. The quality is really good, the thermal socks for the black patent leather shoes are suuuper warm. Who wants to try: For example black Herzberg socks!


To conclude: I thought it was great. All participants were also enthusiastic!