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Baltic Sea Colloquium in International Economics

EQUIS, AACSB and Association of MBAs – Viadrina Professor Georg Stadtmann is impressedby the quality of the MBA programs at the Kozminski University in Warsaw. A „Triple Crown“ have only a few management schools.

B|ORDERS in Motion visits the Kozminski University.

In the framework of the project "Research cooperations with Baltic See states" a third event took place. After a successful start in Sønderborg at the University of Southern Denmark and a further event at the Viadrina, now Oskar Kowalewski took the lead and organized a colloquium at the Kozminski University in the field of International Economics & International Banking.

On two days researchers from Germany, Poland, Denmark and USA exchanged their opinions on the current research topics. In the course of discussions there was then a good feedback for the presenters.

„It is important to present your work at least one or two times before submitting it to a journal“, explains the Viadrina Professor his PhD students. „This way you can get early tips on potential errors and suggestions which you would otherwise certainly get from referees of the journals.“

In April 2013 a meeting by BMBF in Bonn will take place where again a more detailed report on the whole project will be presented. A second phase of the project is basically possible therefore there are thoughts of trying to file a further application.