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World Finance & Banking Symposium

B|ORDERS in Motion: The sky is no limit

That borders are in motion also in China Professor Georg Stadtmann could witness first hand on the occasion of a conference participation in Shanghai. If you are standing at the waterside promenade of Pudong, there is the old building of the former British district behind you. The old clock in the toll building gives a stroke of the bell every quarter of an hour that is not inferior to Big Ben. According to a legend this stroke of the bell protects the city from the fires: The superstitious Chinese believe that the fire god spares the city because he mistakes the constant tinkling for fire alarm and thus preserves the city from further disaster.

On the other side new buildings of the financial center rising into the sky – the new palaces of power. Overall, Shanghai shows itself very arranged, less chaotic and very efficient. Between the international airport and the city there is a maglev train so that you can get a feeling of how 430 km/h feel. With 50 Yuan (ca. 7 Euro) the ride is, however, much more expensive than with the metro (7 Yuan), but also much faster! The metro is also functioning properly, all mopeds are already converted to electric motors and are not polluting the air of the city anymore. A considerable disadvantage of the electric motors is that they are functioning practically soundless so that the mopeds recently carry the epithet „silent death“.

At the World Finance & Banking Symposium you could then meet highly educated Chinese from the USA who used the X-Mas Brake and the conference for a visit in the old homeland. Georg Stadtmann would like to thank the DAAD for the financial support of the congress trip.