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Beat the Prof.

In the framework of the Summer Festival the student body of the faculty of Economics organized a game without limits under the title „Beat the prof“. Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann took on the challenge of competition against Markus, a student in his second semester. In 13 different knowledge- and skill-based games the candidates delivered a thrilling competition. Playing the game "Whipping cream" the candidates even partcipated with so much enthusiasm that the cream became butter. After that they played basketball, skipped or dared to make a balancing act on the bicycle. „It is not so easy to taste different food if your eyes are covered and you have three different delicacies such as mustard, ketchup and celery on the spoon simultaneously.“, summarizes Georg Stadtmann. Nevertheless, he managed to leave the competition open until tha last game and was even slightly in the lead. However, he could not defend this narrow lead in the last game – Push-ups. „I just couldn't compete with 66 push-ups.“, explains Georg Stadtmann and payed respect to his opponent with a common handshake. Markus was pleased both with his win and also with the prize equivalent to the amount of a semester fee. „It was an awesome competition with very nice games. I would like to thank the representatives of the student body for this fantastic afternoon and bet everything on a return game in the next year. It is great, that there are finally economics students who managed to take the lead.“