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Gaming & Esports Summit


Economics & Business Conference
Oct. 10/11, 2024

Call for Papers

The conference will take place at ESCP in Berlin.

The conference will provide a platform for exchanging innovative thoughts and creating cooperation between researchers in the fields of business & economics related to gaming and esports.

  • We are inviting proposals for paper presentations as well as complete sessions consisting out of three papers/presenters.

  • This conference provides researchers with an opportunity to present theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented research on:
    • Music in games
    • Games and health care
    • Serious games and gamification
    • Soft skills education
    • Sports analytics
    • Tournament design
    • Virtual economies
    • Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues
    • Marketing and Intelligent Advertisement
    • Business, Economy, and Entrepreneurship
    • Social and Ethical Issues 
    • Games and human behavior
    • Investment activity in the digital media and video game industry
    • Loot boxes, dark patterns and truth in advertising
    • Free-to-Play: Mobile Video Games, Bias, and Norms
    • Real Games: What’s Legitimate and What’s Not in Contemporary Video Games
    • The ecosystem of esports
    • The dark side of gaming & esports
    • Sport, Esports, and gaming: Definitions and deliminations
    • Esports in Europe, Asia, and the US
    • Free to play versus premium
    • In-game-shops
    • Doping: Legalize it?
    • Governance in esports
    • Major events
    • International esports policy
    • Betting market efficiency and anomalies
    • Forecasting match & league outcomes
    • Uncertainty in match and league outcome: Does it matter?
    • Changes of the rules of the game and its impact on the attractiveness of the sport
    • Demand for tickets
    • Demand for talents: esports and the labor market
    • Game publisher
    • Market entry strategies
    • Riot, Valve, Blizzard, LoL, CSGO, Dota2, R6, Fortnite, PUBG, Starcraft, Warcraft