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Degree theses

Why should you do your thesis here?

What we offer students who decide to do their bachelor or master’s degree thesis in our department:

          • You can choose when you want to register

          • You can choose the topic of your thesis yourself, or select a suggested topic (see below) or continue a semester paper

          • There are flexible consultation times for the first and second assessor

          • If desired: an introduction to the text system “TeX”

          • If desired: an introduction to the statistics program “R” and/or “SAS”

          • Empirical, descriptive and theoretical projects with international topics

          • Practice-related topics also in connection with an internship ("WIRKAUFENS")

What we expect from you:

      • For a successful thesis it is highly advisable to have attended a course in our department.
      • It is advisable to work with statistics software. The department provides an introduction.

Current subject areas and topics for bachelor and master’s theses


Risik management [...]
(1) Various Approaches to Measure an Assets Risk – Value at Risk (BA/MA)
(2) The Capital Asset Pricing Model – Application and new Developments (BA/MA)
(3) Analysis of High Frequency Financial Data – Realized Volatility, Volatility Clustering, Applications (MA)
(4) RiskMetrics and Application – Expected Shortfall, Coherent Measures (MA)
(5) Modeling and Evaluation of CreditMetrics (MA)
(6) Copula Modeling – Dependence Structure in Multivariate Distributions (MA)

Statistical Methods of Process Control [...]
(1) Tools of Statistical Process Control (BA/MA)
(2) Process Surveillance for Industrial Processes (MA)
(3) Application of Statistical Process Control in Public Health (MA)
(4) Evaluation of the Reliability of Production Processes (BA/MA)
(5) On the Detection of Structural Breaks in Economic Time Series (BA/MA)
(6) Premature Detection of Changes in Environomental Processes (BA/MA)

Quantitaive Methods (for Financial Markets) [...]
(1) Portfolio Selection under Uncertainty (MA)
(2) Multi-Period Portfolio Selection (MA)
(3) Time Series Models in Finance (BA/MA)

Econometrics and their Applications [...]
(1) Spatial Analysis of the German Property Market (BA/MA)
(2) Commuter Streams in Poland (BA/MA)
(3) Spatial/Temporal Analysis of Various Economic Indicators (BA/MA)
(4) Comparison of Various Time Series Models and their Application to Financial Data and Economic Indicators (MA)
(5) Long Memory Processes and their Applications (MA)

Applied Statistics [...]
(1) Default Prediction of Public Bonds / Bank Loans (BA/MA)
(2) Loss Given Default according the Basel Accords (BA/MA)
(3) Seasonal Effects in Time Series (BA/MA)
(4) Basics of Time Series Analysis and their Application (BA/MA)
(5) Spatial Models and their Application in Economic Processes (MA)

Enviromental Statistics [...]
(1) Estimating and Predicting a Spatial Process using Experimental Variogram Fitting (MA)
(2) Optimal Measurement Network Design – Minimizing the Kriging Variance (MA)
(3) Modelling of Renewable Energy (BA/MA)
(4) Analyzing and Evaluating Indices of Pollutants (BA/MA)
(5) Time Series and their Power to Forecast Using Environmental Data (BA/MA)
(6) Spectral Analysis of Time Series and their Application to Environmental Data (MA)
(7) Non- or Semiparametric Modelling of Pollutants  (MA)

An overview of previous bachelor and master’s degree theses (PDF)

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