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Bachelor Thesis

Modulbezeichnung: Bachelor Thesis

Modulnummer: 30

Prüfungsnummer: 9001

Semester/Trimester: Semester

Dauer des Moduls: 10 Wochen

Art des Moduls (Pflicht, Wahl, etc.): Pflicht

Häufigkeit des Angebots des Moduls: Each semester

Zugangsvoraussetzungen: Before being admitted to write a bachelor thesis, each student is required to have at least 120 credit points among all relevant courses of the study program. Furthermore, he needs to prove the completion of an internship with economic relevance of at least 12 weeks of time. Please notice that each chair has its own own requirements on how to write the thesis. Therefore, inform yourself directly at the chair you wish to write your bachelor thesis in!

Verwendbarkeit des Moduls für andere Studiengänge:


Modulverantwortlicher/Modulverantwortliche: All university professors of the faculty

Name der/des Hochschullehrer/s: All university professors of the faculty

Lehrsprache: Deutsch oder Englisch

Zahl der zugeteilten ECTS-Credits: 12

Gesamtworkload und ihre Zusammensetzung (z.B. Selbststudium + Kontaktzeit):
Selbststudium: 360 Std.

Lehrveranstaltungsstunden (LVS): Keine

Art der Prüfung/ Voraussetzung für die Vergabe von Leistungspunkten:
The grade of the bachelor thesis results from the average of both the tutor’s and second examiner’s evaluation. Two hard copies of the bachelor thesis and one electronic version will be handed in directly at the examination office within the specified time. The electronic part of the thesis will be examined for plagiarism with software used by the faculty. The date of submission is put on record and the student needs to sign a document stating that the thesis was written only by the student and no other sources, except for the ones indicated in the thesis, were used. If the deadline of submission is missed, the thesis will automatically be evaluated as “failed” (5.0). Please take care the Guidelines for Dealing with Academic Dishonesty at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

Gewichtung der Note in der Gesamtnote: 8/73

Qualifikationsziele des Moduls:
In order to earn a bachelor degree, each student is obliged to write a bachelor thesis at the end of his studies which proves his ability to adopt economic methods, understand academic literature and write a paper according to scientific standards.

Inhalte des Moduls:
The student is ought to write a thesis based on an economic problem, but may choose the option to focus on a practical oriented project. The student independently selects a supervising tutor among the professors of the economic faculty. (Please note: IBA Guest Professors can be second supervisors). If he cannot find a tutor, the chairman of the examination board will assign him one. The tutor defines the topic agreed upon with the student and a second examiner.
The bachelor thesis is to be written in German or English. Exceptions will be discussed in the examination board upon the request of the student and after having consulted the tutor and second examiner. The corresponding request must be submitted together with all other documents of the application. If the bachelor thesis is written in English or another foreign language, the appendix must include an abstract in German.

Lehr- und Lernmethoden des Moduls:

Own empirical or deductive scientific work

Literatur (Pflichtlektüre/zusätzlich empfohlene Literatur):

Individual case dependent

Weitere Informationen:
Notes about supervision of thesis, admission to the thesis and extra time in the process of writing a thesis in case you get sick