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International HR Management *

Name of module: International HR Management *

Exam number: 3371

Semester/Trimester: Semester

Form of the module (i.e. obligatory, elective course): Wahlpflicht

Frequency of module offer: Winter semester 2012/2013

Prerequisites: IBA-Bachelor-Students and Foreign Exchange Students ONLY! "Orientierungsphase" should be completed.

Applicability of module for other modules and study programmes:
Serviceveranstaltung für Studierende der Kultur- bzw. Rechtswissenschaften

Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch

Name of the professor: Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Garcia Araoz (Universidad del Cordoba, Argentina)

Language of teaching: englisch

ECTS-Credits (based on the workload): 5

Workload and its composition (self-study, contact time):
Kontaktzeit (Vorlesung, Übung, Seminar etc.): 37,5 Std.; Selbststudium: 112,5 Std.

Contact hours (per week in semester): 3

Methods and duration of examination:
It is possible to earn a course requirement (Prüfungsschein). Provided that you successfully complete the final written exam. Please note that due to the block course structure regularly attendance and participation is mandatory.

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade: Eins

Aim of the module (expected learning outcomes and competencies to be acquired):
To understand what is HRM and why enterprises need to manage the employment relation.
To examine the two main HR strategies.
To gain basic knowledge and skills on how to design and administer HR processes (recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and compensation and benefits).
To explore the two way relationship between business and HR strategies.
To analyze the HR function evolution, organizing models, roles and challenges.
To gain basic interpersonal skills needed to achieve results working with people.
To understand that HR practices must be based on principles to be effective in the long term and that the focus on company´s results must be balanced with a focus on people´s needs satisfaction.
To examine HR practices and policies in the context of multinational enterprises and explore the implications that the process of internationalization has for the activities and policies of HRM.
To examine human behavior within organizations from an international perspective.
To examine the variations in HR practice across the world and to provide a coverage of the key debates in this field.

Contents of the module:
The subjet matter of HRM revolves around the issues associated with the management of the employment relation and how to achieve a competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques.
The subject matter of International HRM revolves around the issues associated with the cross-national transfer and management of human resources, the cross-national interaction of human resources and comparative HRM.

Teaching and learning methods:
Lectures, Group discussions, Exercises and case studies, Role playing, Videos

Literature (compulsory reading, recommended literature):
The Human Equation: building profits by putting people first, J. Pfeffer – Harvard Business School Press (any edition)
Human Resource Champions, D. Ulrich – (any edition)
The Human Side of Enterprise, D. McGreggor – (any edition)
International Human Resource Management, fifth edition. Dowling, Festing and Engle – South-Western
Managing Human Resources, Bohlander and Snell – South-Western, (any edition). Or any other similar book which develops the HR processes (recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, etc.).

Further information:
Access is restricted for IBA Bachelor students and international exchange students enrolled in the IBA Program.
Registration in Moodle required.