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Lecture Series: Diversity in Theory & Practice

Name of module in english: Lecture Series: Diversity in Theory & Practice

Exam number: 6077

Semester: from 4th semester (Schwerpunktbildung)

Duration of the module: One semester

Form of the module (i.e. obligatory, elective etc.): Elective

Frequency of module offer: Summer semester 2018

Prerequisites: Application and registration in Moodle until 10.04.2018, 6 p.m., required.

Applicability of module for other study programmes:
Obligatory or elective in other study programmes. For further information check regulations of the study programme.

Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch

Name of the professor: Dr. Silke Knoll

Language of teaching: English

ECTS-Credits (based on the workload): 6

Workload and its composition (self-study, contact time):
Contact time (lecture, tutorial, seminar etc.): 33,75 h; self-study: 146,25 h

Contact hours (per week in semester): 3

Methods and duration of examination:
Successful completion of a 1-page reflection paper

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade: Please check regulations of the study programme

Aim of the module (expected learning outcomes and competencies to be acquired):
Qualification within discipline:
Students are to acquire knowledge on the progress and current state of research of a specific area in diversity marketing and management.
Interdisciplinary qualification:
Students are to acquire necessary skills for scientific research In particular:
- the competence to discuss a scientific research question, to develop an appropriate argumentation and critical reflection
- the competence to structure and present complex issues and their meaning in a larger context in a scientific manner

Contents of the module:
Current research questions about diversity issues in marketing and management

Teaching and learning methods:
Successful completion of a reflection paper, active participation and critical discussion

Literature (compulsory reading, recommended literature):
Themenspezifisch, wird jeweils gesondert bekannt gegeben.

Further information:
Registration in Moodle Viadrina required.
If you are interested in participating in the lectures, please fill out the application form provided in moodle (mind the deadline!)