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Business and Economics in Fiction Podcasts

Exam number: 6026

Semester: om 4th semester (Schwerpunktbildung)

Duration of the module: One semester

Form of the module (i.e. obligatory, elective etc.): Elective

Frequency of module offer: every summer semester

Prerequisites: The number of attendants is limited to 30 and you cannot take part in the course if you have not signed in. It is obligatory to sign up for this course via Moodle until the first week of the course (details will be explained during the introductory session).

Applicability of module for other study programmes:
Obligatory or elective in other study programmes. For further information check regulations of the study programme.

Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner

Name of the professor: Moritz Botts

Language of teaching: English

ECTS-Credits (based on the workload): 3

Workload and its composition (self-study, contact time):
Contact time (lecture, tutorials, seminar etc.) 15 h; self-study: 75 h

Contact hours (per week in semester): 1

Methods and duration of examination:
To get credit for the course, you need to be active in your group, participate in discussions, and regularly attend class. To get a gradet credit, you have to hand in a short paper at the end of class.

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade: Please check regulations of the study programme

Aim of the module (expected learning outcomes and competencies to be acquired):
Business and economics issues appear not only in well written case studies but also at the job and in everyday life. To learn how to apply your knowledge to problems outside the classroom, this course uses short stories, which we will discuss during class. These stories are available as 20-60 minute long podcasts, which you can download legally for free and then listen to anytime and anyplace. The stories are usually from the genre of speculative fiction, which means make believe worlds or stories that take place in a possible tomorrow.
In this interactive course you will also learn how to research your topics at a German university, basics of presentation in front of an audience, and working with digital media (e.g. editing audio files). Cultural differences will also be addressed.

Contents of the module:
Student groups introduce an economic theory or a management model that fits the week’s story. We discuss possible solutions and consider the application to real life issues. The instructor also introduces various topics relevant to academic work.

Teaching and learning methods:
Interactive course

Literature (compulsory reading, recommended literature):
Required listening is available via Moodle. Students will have to find their own literature for the paper.

Further information:
Registration in Moodle Viadrina required.