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Master Courses

All our master courses are taught in English. For detailed Information of courses of the current semester see viaCampus.

Methods of Information & Operations Management (T-Module)

This is an introductory course into the basic operations research methods used in Information & Operations Management. Methods discussed in this course are used in many other IOM courses. Additionally you will learn a simple programming language (Python), which is widely used for data analytics in industry, and a commercial software tool (Gurobi) for solving mixed integer problems.

Production & Operations Management (T-Module)

This is course deals with the fundamentals of production and operations management. The focus is on production systems and the planning and management tasks necessary to guarantee efficient and effective operations. Topics discussed are aggregate planning, lot sizing, scheduling and project scheduling, and smart factories

Supply Chain Management & Logistics (T-Module)

Supply chain management and logistics are key factors for a company to be competitive on a global market. Aim of the course is to provide an introduction to problems arising in supply chain management and logistics and to make familiar with traditional and recent approaches to address and solve these problems. Topics to be covered are forecasting, location problems, inventory management, warehouse design, and supply chain management.

Management Science (T-Module)
Seminar Management Science (R-Module)

Optimization models and methods are the core of every planning step in management. Most of the actual planning problems can be modeled as linear or mixed-integer linear programs. The aim of this course is to understand the concept of this operations research technique, to be able to model various planning problems, and to solve those models by using a state-of-the-art software tool (Gurobi and Python).

Optimization with Metaheuristics I (T-Module)
Optimization with Metaheuristics II (R-Module)

Many planning problems in operations management are difficult to solve under strict time constraints. Metaheuristic methods are state-of-the-art optimization techniques, which allow a fast planning also under difficult real-world constraints and time restrictions. Aim of the course is to learn and understand the basic concepts of metaheuristics and its implementation in a high-level programming language (Python).

Simulation as Decision Support (R-Module)

This seminar gives an introduction into the field of discrete-event simulation. The basic principles of a simulation study will be discussed and explained using the software AnyLogic by XjTek. In the practical part participants perform a small simulation study on a production or service process.