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Bachelor Courses

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Production & Logistics (English) / Produktion & Logistik (German)

This course provides insights to the basic principles of production, logistics and supply chain management. The specific problems of designing, managing and improving production and service processes are outlined and solutions approaches are discussed. This course is offered every summer term in the first block.

Konzepte des Supply Chain Managements (German)

The focus of this module is on the main concepts of supply chain management and in particular, on the problem settings and solution approaches for companies acting and collaborating globally with suppliers and customers. The analyzes of essential tasks of the supply chain management as the coordination mechanism between internal departments of a company and outside to contractual partners and the development of management strategies are discussed.

Operations und Supply Chain Management (German)

This course provides advanced insights to mathematical models and tools for various planning problems occurring in production, logistics and supply chain management. Important models are presented and solution methods for practical examples are illustrated. Participants will receive a basic training in mathematical modelling, linear optimization, design and analysis of algorithms and computer-oriented solution methods for various applications in production and logistics management.

Seminar aus Information und Operations Management (German)

The seminar provides deeper insights in current topics from production, logistics and supply chain management. It serves as a preparation for writing a bachelor thesis in the area of Information & Operations Management.