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The workshop venue

The winter institute will be held on the campus of the European-University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder. Situated right alongside the Oder River, which marks the border between the two states Germany and Poland, the university’s geographical location underlines the international profile of the institution. About 40 percent of the students are foreigners.

With 6,700 students the Viadrina is one of Germany's smallest universities. It comprises three faculties: Business Administration and Economics, Law, and Social and Cultural Sciences. 

The venue is the university building "Logenhaus" (Logenstr. 11, 15230 Frankfurt/Oder) which is located in the city centre of Frankfurt/Oder. It is a 10 minute walk from the railway station. 

  Logenhaus    Logenhaus (front)


About Frankfurt/Oder

Frankfurt/Oder lies in the heart of Europe on the river Oder and directly on the border with Poland, about 1 hour away of the German capital Berlin. Frankfurt/Oder has approximately 64,500 residents.

Take a walk along the river Oder and enjoy the view across the river to Germany’s neighbour, Poland. Just behind the university facilities lies the island Ziegenwerder with its lovely pathways. Leave the island and walk towards the city bridge which connects the two countries and which is an important point of the border. If you wish, you can cross the bridge and visit the Polish town of Słubice.

Further information about Frankfurt/Oder can be found here.