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Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Seminar - Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis


Drawing conclusions from data is vital in research, administration and business. This class provides an overview of descriptive, inductive and explorative statistical methods which guide through the process of quantitative data analysis and helps to describe, interpret and analyse data. In the experimental sciences and interdisciplinary research, data analysis has become an integral part of any scientific study. Issues such as judging the credibility of data, analysing the data, evaluating the reliability of the obtained results and finally drawing the correct and appropriate conclusions from the results are vital. The subject is closely tied to the practice of statistics. The course is organized around various kinds of problems that entail the use of statistical methods and include many real examples to motivate and introduce the theory.

List of topics:

1.     Elements of Data Analysis

2.     Introduction to Statistical Inference

3.     Tests for Univariate Data

4.     Tests for Bivariate Data

5.     Multiple Linear Regression

6.     Analysis of Variance

7.     Introduction to Time Series

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