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Econometrics of Financial Markets

Master IBA (alte SPO - T-Modul, G-Modul, neue FSO T-Modul, exam number 6594; R-Modul, exam number 6772)

The lectures and tutorials take place in the first semester block of the winter semster 2021/22  The following week is sheduled for the oral exams.

The course has the follwing structure every week:

Lecture 1  Lecture 2 → Tutorial

R-Module is available only for the students who have passed T-Module and finishes at the second block
and requires the Seminar paper with the presentation.  

This course is an elective one, part of the IBA master programme.

Begin: 17.10.2022 Location  
Lecture 1
Monday 14 - 16 Uhr - HG 162 Prof. Dr. W. Schmid
 Lecture 2  Tuesday 14 - 16 Uhr - HG 217  Prof. Dr. W. Schmid
Begin: 19.10.2022  Location  
Tutorial 1 and 2: Friday 11 - 13 Uhr, GD 203



The subject of financial econometrics has attracted substantial attention in recent years, especially with the 2003 Nobel Prize awards to Robert Engle and Clive Granger. The objective of the lecture is to provide some knowledge of financial time series analysis, introduce some statistical tools useful for analyzing these series, and gain experience in financial applications of various econometric methods. The lecture is given in English.


1. Introduction to the Modelling of Financial Data

2. Modelling under the i.i.d. Assumption

3. Checking th i.i.d. Assumption

4. Linear Time Dependent Time Series Models (esp. ARMA)

5. Volatility Modelling (esp. GARCH)

6. Model Diagnostics

7. Forecasting

8. Intraday Data

9. Outlook (and Extended Models)



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