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Vorlesung Statistical Quality Control

Statistical Quality Control (6872), Vorlesung und Übung


Master-Veranstaltung (6 Credit Points, Prüfungsnummer 6872)
Die Vorlesungen und Übungen finden im 2. Block (12.06.2023 -28.07.2023, im Anschluss findet die mündliche Prüfung statt) des SoSe 2023 statt.

Vorlesungsbeginn: 12.06.2023      
Vorlesung 1 Montag 14 - 16 Uhr HG 217 Prof. Dr. W. Schmid
Vorlesung 2 Dienstag 14 - 16 Uhr GD 201 Prof. Dr. W. Schmid
Übungsbeginn: 13.06.2023      
  Montag 16 - 18 Uhr GD 312 V. Petruk
  Dienstag 16 - 18 Uhr HG 104 V. Petruk


This lecture is about the use of statistical methods and other problem-solving techniques to improve the quality of products used by our society. These products consist of manufactured goods such as automobiles, computers, and clothing, as well as services such as the generation and distribution of electrical energy, public transportation, banking, retailing, and health care. The word “quality” is often used to signify “excellence” of a product or service – we hear talk about “Rolls-Royce quality” and “top-quality”. Quality can be defined simply as meeting the requirements of the customer. Why it is so important?  A customer who is satisfied with quality will tell 8 people about it; a dissatisfied customer will tell it 22 people. So, to reduce losses and increase gains of the company there exist special procedures to detect changes in a production process and thus to improve the quality of goods.

Quality improvement methods can be applied to any area within a company or organization, including manufacturing, process development, engineering design, finance and accounting, marketing, distribution and logistics, and field service of products. During this lecture, the students should get familiar with the main tools of statistical process control used within Industry 4.0.  


Introductory lectures are planned. Besides that, a short revision of the next topics will be provided.

1.            Introduction to Statistical Quality Control: meaning of quality.

2.            Modeling Process Quality

-              Useful discrete and continuous distributions

-              Describing variation and descriptive statistics

3.            Statistical Process Control

-              Statistical basis of the control chart

-              Choice of control limits

-              Sample size and sample frequency

4.            Shewhart Control Chart for the location parameter

5.            EWMA and CUSUM  Charts



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