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Introduction to analytics and statistics in R

Nowadays business decisions heavily rely on such a great and powerful tool as statistics. No quality analytics is possible without it. This course will give you the basis how the appropriate use of obtained knowledge from different spheres of life can lead to deep insightful conclusions.

Every decision is based on a big amount of inferences, but of course not every inference is important. That is why analysis of all available information becomes the art. And the end of each masterpiece of this art is the ability to present your findings – presentation and visualization, which we also take a look at.

Programming is indispensable part of the modern world. You will see that R programming language allows you to make your data analysis easy, fast, fun, beautiful and creative. More then, R is free. The use of it becomes more popular because of the many reasons, which we will also investigate.

The course will consist of 7 lectures. It concludes with a multiple choice questions test and the  presentation of a research paper. More information you can receive at the introduction lecture or by email."

The introduction lecture is from 9am till 11am on the 12th of April. The room is GD 201.